Plant Talk

The Easiest Houseplants Anyone Can Grow
Who doesn’t like gardening? Everyone does! Even if you can’t keep up, you can’t deny the fact that the soil smells like life itself when you spray some water over it. It can get hard to keep up with the busy schedule, but if you want to grow a plant, you can always go for the easiest ones to keep! 
Elements of Plant Care

Having trouble taking care of your homely plants? Then, let us identify the elements of plant care for you. 

Indoor Gardening Tips for Thriving Houseplants
Don’t worry, we understand; it is natural for those small yet essential tips related to plant healthcare to slip out of your mind with a schedule as busy as yours. It is why we have gathered a few indoor gardening tips for you to help you remember the little bits you’ve been missing out on for thriving houseplants.
Health Benefits of Houseplants
Did you know the air in your house could be harboring unhealthy invisible toxins that can easily be eliminated by houseplants? Here is what you need to know.
How to Choose the Best Indoor Plants?
Lift the ambiance of your home by adding the best indoor plants. Make sure to read this before you buy new plants. 
5 Best Air Purifying Plants for Your Home
Here, we have the top 5 best air purifying plants that lift the environment and add an aesthetically pleasing touch to your space!
How To Kill Pathogens and Bad Bacteria in Your Houseplant Soil
How To Kill Pathogens and Bad Bacteria in Your Houseplant Soil Preheat oven to 200°F Think layer of soil in metal/glass pan with a depth of no more than 4 inches Moisten soil but do not drench Remove plant debris, rocks, sticks. 
Alocasia: Care, Growth, Habitat and Warning!
The alocasia plant family consists of over 70 difference species. The most notable characteristic of the  alocasia is a single leaf that grows from a long stem; this is not a bushy plant. The leaf appearance can vary between species but are typically long and thin and of an arrowhead or heart shape. 
The Ultimate Guide for Your Calathea Houseplant
Calathea is a tropical plant family that has many different species but what is most known and most common to the calathea family is its foliage. The leaves are wide, oblong, and boldly patterned; some appear to have braids, stripes, or the appearance of watercolor brush strokes.
Baby Rubber Plant Care: Peperomia obtusifolia
A South American tropical plant, the peperomia obtusifolia is commonly referred to as a ‘Baby Rubber  Plant’ because its growth resembles that of the much larger rubber plant (ficus elastica) but only grows to  be about a foot tall. Despite its appearance and nickname, it is not related to the ficus plant family at all.
How to Care for Houseplants
Our love for plants doesn't qualify the merits required to take proper care and attention they need. Here is how you can take care of your houseplants so that they stay lush and green all the time.
Staghorn Fern: All about Origin, Growth and Care
The staghorn fern gets its name from its leaves (called fronds) because they resemble that of a deer.  These plants can be a bit intimidating, they can grow to be 3 feet wide, but they are truly a beautiful  living work of art. 
All about Ferns: Growth, Watering and Care
Ferns are one of the world’s oldest plant families, dating back more than 300 million years ago. Today,  there are over 10,000 different species with some species loving a colder environment while others prefer  something a bit more tropical. Despite the vast diversity of the fern family, the required care is quite  common between species. Ferns are a relatively easy, low-maintenance plant and make a great starter  plant for those just beginning their houseplant journey. 
The Ultimate Guide to Indoor Plants
Your love for plants does not guarantee you may know how to grow and treat them. Here is the ultimate guide to indoor plants for you to nourish, love with and care for those fresh green gorgeous leaves.
Proven Tips to Be the Best Plant Parent
Houseplants convert your house into a home. But, what does it take to grow some houseplants? Let's find out!
Tough to Grow Plants that are Worth the Effort
We all know anything worth having doesn’t come easy; similarly, indoor gardening has its benefits, but some plants give you a hard time during the growing process. Here are some of the tough-to-grow plants that are still worth the effort.
Tips for Healthy Houseplants
Want to know how you can keep your plants healthy and gorgeous? We have some tips that can genuinely help you believe that you don't need a green thumb to grow plants!
Easy-to-Grow Indoor Houseplants

Even people without a green thumb appreciate the exquisiteness of houseplants. If you are one of those interested in knowing more about how to grow and maintain a houseplant, you have come to the right place!

Treatment of Plants from Spider Mites: The Proven Way
We know what a nightmare it can be to have your plant infected with spider mites. But, we have got some really easy steps and procedure to follow to prevent you from this havoc. It works mostly for large leaf plants (e.g. calathea, alocasia, philodendron, etc)