Easy-to-Grow Indoor Houseplants

Green is the new black!

Even people without a green thumb appreciate the exquisiteness of houseplants. If you are one of those interested in knowing more about how to grow and maintain a houseplant, you have come to the right place!

Many people enjoy growing indoor plants. They appreciate how the plants purify the air and add liveliness to the environment. So, let’s jump straight into the topic and focus on attractive aesthetics and easy to maintain. We hope you enjoy it!


Suppose you’re interested in drought-tolerant succulents such as the Xerosicyos danguyi, a great choice. The Xerosicyos are a climbing succulent, so it is better to get a container with drainage options. Be prepared to leave a little or more headroom wherever you plan on displaying them. An area with direct sunlight is always the best! 


The Chinese money plant, also known as Pilea peperomioides, has a distinctive look. Its straight stems and round coin-like leaves look beautiful in tiny little pots. With a once a week watering, these handy plants grow faster than any other indoor plant.


The false shamrock, better known as oxalis triangularis, is an indoor plant native to Brazil. It is famous for its vibrant and bold coloration and looks excellent in a light-colored pot. Since Oxalis require direct sunlight for multiple hours, they are perfect for your sunny spot at home. However, it is not suitable for pets to nibble on, make sure they stay away from them.


This gorgeous plant makes people turn their heads when they walk past it. It is a unique houseplant. Your guests are sure to drop a comment on how graceful and delicate the plant is. They are great for draping or hanging over a pedestal, especially in an area out of reach of direct sunlight. You can plant them in loose cactus soil and avoid overwatering for the best results.

The list does not end here, but if you are new, understand this; these gorgeous plants deserve attractive and loving planters that can top them off – take care of your plants!

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