Proven Tips to Be the Best Plant Parent

How to grow houseplants?

Indoor plants are an essential aesthetic for any interior design. It adds a mood-boosting element to the residents, which any other house component cannot provide. However, it would help if you kept in mind that these houseplants aren't living indoors by choice.

In other words, they need to be kept in their natural environment. This way, they can mature to become happy and healthy for years to come. But how should we replicate that environment? Let's find out! 

Beware of the Weather 

Do you know that most plants thrive in hot weather? If so, then you're halfway there! Remember, houseplants need a certain level of humidity, which complements their natural conditions. The bottom line is to monitor those plants' humidity levels – to keep them afloat for a long time. 

Know your Plant 

What most plant owners fail to realize is that each plant grows on a different playing field. In other words, you can't grow a cactus during Christmas. If you want your houseplants to flourish inside your home, make sure you do your research beforehand. 

Spotlight on your Plants 

We studied in fifth-grade biology that plants need photosynthesis to survive. However, every plant requires a different intensity of light for growth. Now, here lies your observation skills! Monitor in what strength your houseplant is growing; before they wilt away.

So, before you awaken the horticulturist in you, don't forget to consider the tips above. Remember, you want your houseplants to amplify the aesthetics of your home. So, it's best if you follow the right protocols. 

Or you can ask an expert to help you out! Plant Shanty has the products and expertise to make your planting experience a memorable one! 

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