Tough to Grow Plants that are Worth the Effort


Plants add vibrancy and a splash of greenery to your living spaces; however, keeping them in their element can sometimes feel like a part-time job. Some plants may take time to grow but are not hard to look after, while others are a little more demanding. Here is a list of house plants that may be tough to grow, but their health benefits or beauty make the entire growing process worthwhile.


The fiddle-leaf fig is a small plant, but it is pretty hard to keep healthy and quite tricky to keep alive. According to experts, the Fiddle-leaf plant requires the right amount of sunlight – too much can brown the leaves, and too little stunts its growth.

So, think about it, will your little fiddle-leaf fig plant survive in the living room rather than your bedroom? But know this, the small plant does not take environmental changes pretty well. If your house is dry, keep the leaves moist – especially during winters.


Just add the gardenias to your living space, watch the little white flowers bloom, and lift the entire room with its heavenly scent. These gorgeous flowers are a little fussy when it comes to temperature. You should keep them away from radiators and heating vents since too much hot air can kill the little ones. They are prone to infestations of many pests and prefer plenty of light.


These little ones are whimsical-looking plants and are famous for their vibrant colors. Although they are popular indoor plants, many gardeners fail to keep up with their specific needs and watering schedule.

Place the orchids placed in indirect light to shelter them from the intense afternoon sun! Water them once a week and ensure their roots are not soggy. 

NOTE: Different types of Orchids have different needs, be sure of the kind that you have. 

These plants may come with many instructions and requirements and give you a hard time during the growing process but are worth the hassle. If anything rings a bell in your head, feel free to reach out to us; we would love to help you!

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