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Dracaena 'Tornado' - 4" Pot

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Its not common for the leaves of a plant to grow in a spiral-like directions, turning in on itself, but that is exactly what the Dracaena Tornado does hence its name! The long green leaves start a green in the center and slowly fade to a lemon lime color on the very edges, like a more gentle Dracaena Lemon Surprise. The Dracaena Tornado, also known by its botanical name Dracaena fragrans, has become popular in many households for its tolerance to drought; because of that, this plant is wonderful for people with busy lifestyles or travel often for work.

While this member of the Dracaena genus is not loved for how slowly it grows, it can reach a height of six feet if given the right conditions and amount of love throughout its life. This plant was even included in the NASA Clean Air Study and was found to be great for purifying the air in your home of naturally occurring, but harmful pollutants. Finally, a plant that helps you while you help it grow!

LIGHT: Medium to bright, indirect light, but never direct light or it can be burnt. SOIL: Well-draining, mixed with lava rock or coco coir.

WATER: Once every two to three weeks in the Summer and half as much in the Winter but be careful not to oversaturate the soil or else you may drown the roots.

TEMPERATURE: Prefers to stay within 70-75°F though it can withstand anything down to 60°.

HUMIDITY: Medium to high humidity (50-80%).

SAFETY: Toxic to both cats and dogs. Please be mindful before growing around pets.

FERTILIZER: Fertilize with your fertilizer of choice every other watering during growing season from April to October.

PROPAGATION: Stem cuttings.

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