Spider Plant Reverse
Spider Plant Reverse
Spider Plant Reverse
Spider Plant Reverse

Spider Plant Reverse

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The spider plant will always be well-loved for three main reasons. Once, it is very resilient and can survive underwatering, temporary low light, or cold temperatures. Second, it is pet safe and is non-toxic if ingested by a dog, cat, or small child. Lastly, the spider plant propagated itself by producing spider plant “babies”, or pups, that are connected to the mother plant. The spider plant can be hung up or potted on a table to show off all that it has to offer!

LIGHT: Medium or bright indirect.

SOIL: Flexible, prefers well-draining.

WATER: Regularly during spring and summer, once every 2-3 weeks in fall or winter. Spider plants are forgiving if they miss a watering.

TEMPERATURE: Tolerate temperatures 35°F-90°F, but prefer room temperature 65°F-77°F.

HUMIDITY: Flexible, appreciates misting in dry weather.

SAFETY: Non-toxic, pet safe.

FERTILIZER: Monthly during spring and summer.




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