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Succulent 'String of Pearls'

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This elegant string of (pearls/dolphins) plant get its name because the leaves actually look like tiny (pearls/dolphins)! The tiny leaves can grow into three feet long trails, so these are the perfect candidates for a hanging flower pot. The string of (pearls/dolphins) has similar care needs to succulents: just remember: high light, low water.

LIGHT: Bright indirect, sometimes direct light.

SOIL: Well-draining. These are technically succulents and do not take well to being waterlogged.

WATER: When top inch of soil is dry. Bottom-water this plant by placing the pot in a bowl of water. This waters the plant without rotting the foliage on top. Leaves look “wrinkly” when needing more water.

TEMPERATURE: Tropical plant, prefers temperature range of 45-80°F.

HUMIDITY: Flexible, but does best in humidity lower than 40%.

SAFETY: Slightly toxic, causes irritation to dogs, cats, and humans if ingested. Please be mindful before growing around pets or small children.

FERTILIZER: Every 2 weeks during active growth.


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