Cotton Candy Fern
Cotton Candy Fern
Cotton Candy Fern

Cotton Candy Fern

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Any and all ferns are a staple for indoor and outdoor green spaces, especially this one! Known to grow naturally next to waterfalls or on the ground of a tropical rainforest, ferns love humidity. To receive their best care, ferns need to constantly be watered and be placed in a humid area, either indoors or outdoors.

* Photo is a representation of a mature fern.


LIGHT: Bright indirect. Direct light causes leaves to scorch.

SOIL: Moisture retentive.

WATER: Consistently, do not let top few inches of soil dry out.

TEMPERATURE: Prefer the same room temperatures as humans. Tolerate temperatures as low as 55°F, with 50°F as an absolute minimum. Avoid sudden temperature changes from nearby heaters, air conditioners, or drafty windows.

HUMIDITY: Requires medium to high humidity, around 50-70%. Place this plant close to a humidifier, in a bathroom, or over a tray of water and pebbles. Appreciates misting.

SAFETY: Non-toxic, pet friendly.

FERTILIZER: Option to feed monthly from spring to fall.


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