Agave Quadricolor - 4" Pot
Agave Quadricolor - 4" Pot
Agave Quadricolor - 4" Pot

Agave Quadricolor - 4" Pot

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Often mistaken for a cactus, the agave plant is a low maintenance, beginner friendly succulent originating in the Americas. The foliage can come in many different colors and varieties. In this case, the agave quadricolor has striking yellow variegation on the leaves. Besides the 1-2 feet of remarkable foliage they grow, agave plants have risen in popularity over the years due to their role in producing tequila, and for the sugar in agave syrup creating a healthier alternative to cane sugar. The flexible nature of agave also makes it a great candidate to incorporate into your landscaping!

LIGHT: Thrives in direct sun or partial shade.

SOIL: Well-draining.

WATER: Seldom. Agave is very drought tolerant and should not be watered often.

TEMPERATURE: Native to hot climates, also tolerates cooler weather as long as temperatures are not freezing.

HUMIDITY: Flexible. Agave plants are hardy but appreciate at least some humidity.

SAFETY: Toxic to dogs, cats, and humans when ingested. Please be mindful before growing around pets or small children.

FERTILIZER: Encouraged for growing plants. Established plants rarely need to be fertilized.