Ripple Jade Succulent
Ripple Jade Succulent

Ripple Jade Succulent

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Succulents such as this ripple jade often have a reputation for being low maintenance or beginner friendly, although that is not always the case. While it is true that succulents thrive on low water, other needs, such as very bright light, can make succulents difficult to read for new growers. See our below care guide to care for any succulent like a pro.


LIGHT: Bright indirect or bright direct light. Rotate plant if it starts to lean.

SOIL: Well-draining, ½ perlite mix encouraged.

WATER: Seldom, about once or twice a month depending on light, heat, and humidity. Do not overwater.

TEMPERATURE: Native to warm temperatures, prefer 65-75°, with 50° minimum.

HUMIDITY: Flexible. Prefer dry air but tolerate humidity.

SAFETY: Toxic to dogs, cats, and humans when ingested. Please be mindful before growing around pets or small children.

FERTILIZER: Twice per year.

PROPAGATION: Cuttings, offsets, and leaves.

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