Hoya Carnosa &
Hoya Carnosa &
Hoya Carnosa &
Hoya Carnosa &

Hoya Carnosa 'Tricolor'

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Hoyas, also known as “wax plants”, have skyrocketed in popularity over the past year as more people discover their underrated beauty. While some may be dismissed as “basic” plants, hoyas produce gorgeous flowers varying in scents and colors. Hoyas grow very slowly, which is beneficia for beginners or those who are trying to cultivate more patience. However, the hoya blooms alone make them all worth the wait!

LIGHT: Medium or bright indirect.

SOIL: Well-draining. Some growers prefer sphagnum moss as a growing medium.

WATER: Regularly when top few inches of soil is dry. Do not overwater.

TEMPERATURE: Ideal range is 50°F-80°F.

HUMIDITY: Prefers medium to high humidity.

SAFETY: Non-toxic, but may cause discomfort if ingested. Use caution before growing around pets or small children.

FERTILIZER: Once or twice a month during spring or summer.


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