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Carnivorous 'Monkey Cup' Plant

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Known by the silly nickname “monkey cup”, the pitcher plant is a unique carnivorous plant with vessels, known as “pitchers”, to trap insects. Carnivorous plants are both unique in appearance and unique in care, as they have different needs from other indoor houseplants. Always be prepared with ample research and supplies before bringing in a new houseplant, especially carnivorous plants, into your household.

***Care depends on the specific type of pitcher plant. While this is the case for many plants, it is difficult to find across-the-board care tips for all pitcher plants.

LIGHT: Bright direct light.

SOIL: Well-draining and low in nutrients. We recommend equal parts sphagnum moss and perlite.

WATER: Keep soil damp, but not waterlogged.

TEMPERATURE: Lowland pitchers prefer warmer temperatures, especially at night. Highland prefers cooler temperatures, especially at night.

HUMIDITY: Requires humidity to produce pitchers, but flexible on humidity level.

SAFETY: Nontoxic to cats (although mild digestion issues reported). Pitcher plants in the sarraceniceae family are toxic to dogs.

FERTILIZER: None needed, but optional to feed recently killed insects. Do not put too mny insects in pitchers, and do not feed during winter.


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