How will my plant arrive?

We, at The Plant Shanty, follow certain standard guidelines to make sure the Plant arrives at your doorstep healthy and green 💚

To begin with, we shake the dirt out and ensure the roots are semi-bare.

It is then wrapped in a moist paper towel and put in a baggy. The entire plant is burrito-styled wrapped with an outer layer of bubble and newspaper wrap. We make sure to have these many layers to retain optimum moisture and protect the plant from outside harshness. 

The entire thing is then packed in a box.  If the box still has room for the nursery pot, we pack it along with the plant. Also, added are peanuts or thermocol beans to fill in the extra space around so the plants stay insulated and are not crushed. 

Our number one priority is that our plants arrive in a happy & healthy condition. 

Why do some plants ship differently?

You never know what adventures a plant can get into making its way to your home! Most of our small and medium plants are shipped along with their nursery grow pot and wrapped in multiple layers to allow for a safe and­­ comfy ride all the way to your doorstep. 

Succulents or even more delicate plants or roots are sometimes allowed to stay in their original pot while being shipped as it helps to  reduce the risk of stress and shock that could happen if they were to be placed in a new pot after arrival.

How do I pot my plant once it arrives?

When you get the plant, you have a choice to either use a special soil recommended for that plant or use a standard potting mix (be more careful then about watering instructions)

The roots are covered with dirt or soil and layered upto the base of the plant. 

4’’ pot is recommended for plants with not so fibrous or long wide roots. Be careful while watering them so they don’t hold too much water or their dirt gets too wet.

If the roots are extensive and full, you can use a 6’’ pot for planting.

Make sure to never pot up more than an inch on each side. Immediately after potting, lightly water the dirt.

When is the time to pot up or transfer the baby into a larger pot? The answer to this is when the entire water is getting drained out and the roots are likely more than the soil because of which the water is not getting held up. Repotting is usually done once in a year or so. 

Most or almost all of the plants have to be away from an AC dent or draft to avoid direct heat or cold. 

For some, the mantra ‘plant care is self care’ means the convenience of leaving it in the nursery grow pot and for others, it may mean getting your hands dirty to repot. Do what works best for you! Do not be afraid to try different methods for different plants.

Why does my plant look different from the website?

Live plants will have variations in color, texture, finish, and size. While we make every effort to display our plants as accurately as possible, there may be subtle differences from what is displayed online.

My order arrived damaged, what do I do?

Every plant is fragile and the shipping process is not always kind (or easy). Most of the time we get it right, but sometimes we don’t. When that happens, we fix it – be it a damaged plant or pot due to shipping carrier mishandling. Please inspect your package when you receive your delivery. Should your order arrived damaged, please write an email within 48 hours of arrival to sales.theplantshanty@gmail.com or message us on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/theplantshanty/ (make sure to include a photo) and we’ll get back to you in couple of hours only.

In the unlikely event a plant is received dead on arrival, it will always be replaced with the same or another plant of the same value.