Indoor Plants
Safe for Cats

Bring home cat safe house plants and let your pets enjoy hugging them!

Just because you have pets, it doesn't mean you can't ALSO have plants. Although many houseplants are considered toxic, I have hand picked some of the most favorited houseplants among collectors to keep your furry family members safe!

Raving Reviews

Pet Friendly Houseplants

- Lemon Lime Prayer Plant and Curly Lipstick Plant -

I have purchased numerous plants from Katie at The Plant Shanty and absolutely love them all! My plants have arrived in great condition, Katie has answered any questions and addressed any of my concerns really quick. You have found the perfect place to get your house plants and care! My most recent purchases: Lemon Lime Prayer Plant and curly Lipstick plant.

Amanda C.

Pet Friendly Houseplant

- Houseplant Subscription, Peperomia Frost -

The plant arrived in beautiful condition! With a heat pack. Love the Plant Shanty, they (Katie) really care about your plants and the condition they arrive in. And are always helpful and available to answer any questions.

Chiara N.

Got a question? I love to chat plants? feel free to reach out and I will get back to you ASAP.

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