Ceramic Owl Shape Garden Flower Pot
Ceramic Owl Shape Garden Flower Pot

Ceramic Owl Shape Garden Flower Pot

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  • 1.Handmade, consisting of natural fibers that are lightweight, sturdy, chemical-free and flexible to be moved around to suit various occasions
  • 2.Rustic Design - Hang these planters together or separately to add some chic as their subdued hue paired with your favorite greenery is set to liven up your home, office or sheltered garden.
  • 3.Interior Plastic Coating - With the interior plastic coating you can disguise plastic planters and a tray without worrying about leakage. Perfect for faux flowers and suits a wide range of plants: Spider Plant, Jade Plant, Heartleaf Philodendron, Peace Lily, English Ivy, Vinca Rosea etc. (Plants not included)
  • 4.Multifunctional Storage - It serves as a versatile plant holder as well as a simple solution for arranging makeup brushes, lotions, cooking utensils, electricals, etc. No matter what your planting plan is, our planting operation mat can easily handle succulent plants, bonsai plants and indoors for small plants, etc.
  • 5.The feature of water proofing makes it easier to clean. The mini sized tools and collapsible mat make the overall size smaller, which is friendly to store.