Alocasia Reginula Black Velvet - 4" Pot

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Alocasia reginula ‘Black Velvet’, or Alocasia Black Velvet, is a part of the family sometimes called elephant ear. These black velvety leaves are eye-catching and hard not to touch. The silvery-white veins are a perfect contrast. These are a small, compact plant they only reach about 20 inches tall and about a 12 inches wide. The leaves make up the bulk of the plant and can be longer than the stems they grow from. These plants are rhizomatous, meaning they spread by a specialized system. In order to propagate they grow new stems under the soil that put out new root systems and plants. If you are looking to propagate these plants it would be by root division. They also have a dormancy period, if you notice leaves dropping outside of the growing season don’t be alarmed. These are a good addition if you’re looking for texture or a unique plant for a small space.


  • Alocasia Black Velvet enjoy environments mimicking tropical regions. They like well-draining soil and to be kept in smaller pots to keep them from sitting in too much water. A pot that is too large holds moisture that’s not necessary for the plant and can cause issues like root rot and other infections.
  • They enjoy a scheduled fertilizer regimen during the growing season. Depending on your soil consider fertilizing at least monthly with a diluted houseplant fertilizer or fish emulsion if you prefer.
  • This Alocasia does well if you allow it to go dry between watering. The thicker leaves and root system do a good job of retaining water so be careful of overwatering. Remember the higher the humidity the less you will need to water.
  • They can handle lower light situations, but the optimal location is brightly lit but with no direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can cause scorching of the leaves.
  • Try to keep it in a warm and humid environment. Do not allow the temperatures to dip below 65°F, and avoid drafty locations in cooler months.
  • The Alocasia family are toxic to dogs, cats, and humans.

Product Description

  • Grown in a 4” pot, but ships bare-root.
  • Heat Packs are available for purchase.
  • The plant in the picture is not the exact plant you will receive.
  • Each plant is lovingly packaged to be delivered to you.