Pilea Cadierei "Aluminum Plant" - 4" Pot

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How it looks: The individual leaves grow from the ground to their standard size, branching out in an umbrella fashion. These leaves are the plant's beauty. The silver patterning on each leaf is unique, creating a beautiful tapestry of different shapes on the overall plant.

There are rare occasions when one of these plants will actually flower, but these flowers are small and plain looking. Stems should be trimmed back to half their length in the spring in order to encourage healthy, continued growth.

Flowering and pruning: This plant does not flower as a given rule. However, encouraging healthy leaf growth requires annual pruning to half of the stem's normal length. This encourages the plant to continue producing leaves at a healthy rate, and prevents the plant from becoming too stringy looking.

In the event that your plant does flower, pinch the flowers off at the buds. They are a waste of energy for the plant.