Calathea Jungle Cat - Prayer Plant - 6" Pot (Rare)

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Calathea Jungle Cat belongs to the prayer plant family and has many of the same characteristics as other plants in this family. They have a beautiful burgundy color on the underside of the leaves. The same color is sometimes present in the central vein on the topside of the leaves. The ovate leaves have feather like pattern in shades of green and white, they raise and lower throughout the day. The new leaves unroll and grow in an upright bushy pattern. These lush plants rarely grow larger than 2 feet tall or 2 feet wide. The ornate foliage is really eye catching and adds interest to any plant grouping.


  • As with other Calathea, the Calathea Jungle Cat comes from a tropical environment and is typically found at the base of trees. The soil is usually rich with tree matter and other decomposing material. When considering your soil mixture look for something well-draining and coarse. You can amend with orchid bark or perlite to help with drainage.
  • The light should be low to medium. Direct sunlight can cause scorching of the leaves and bright light can cause the leaves to be smaller or reduce the coloring.
  • The moisture level should remain even. Letting the soil become too dry makes the leaves crispy and may result in brown leaf tips. On the other side of the spectrum, allowing the soil to be wet instead of moist can cause root rot.
  • The Calathea Jungle Cat enjoys temperatures between 65°F and 85°F. Keep away from drafty areas or heating and cooling vents which can be drying for this humidity loving plant.
  • These and other Calathea are non-toxic and make great companions for dogs, cats, and humans.

Product Description

  • Grown in a 6” pot but ships bare-root.
  • Heat packs are available for purchase.
  • The plant pictured is not the exact plant you will receive.
  • Each plant is lovingly packaged to be sent to you.