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Chinese Evergreen 'Lady Valentine'

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We think a Chinese evergreen belongs in every home. Why? It can survive in dark rooms (or windowless office cubicles), it is proven by NASA to be air purifying, and has a large size variety. Purchase this Chinese evergreen while it is tiny and can fit on your desk, or watch it grow until it is large and in charge!

LIGHT: Low or medium indirect.

SOIL: Moisture retentive.

WATER: Regularly during growing season (spring and summer). Keep soil moist but not waterlogged.

TEMPERATURE: Prefer temperatures above 60°F as they are cold sensitive.

HUMIDITY: Required, as Chinese evergreens do not tolerate dry air.

SAFETY: Toxic to dogs, cats, and humans when ingested. Please be mindful before growing around pets or small children.

FERTILIZER: Every 2-3 weeks during active growth, seldom during winter.