Epipremnum aureum N'Joy Pothos Njoy 4"

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 Pothos N’Joy (Epipremnum aureum) Pothos N'Joy is one of the newer varieties of variegated Pothos available to home growers. N'Joy is just as easy to grow as Golden, Jade or Marble Queen Pothos. It will adapt and thrive in bright natural lighting all the way down to living in just artificial lighting in an office. Decorative container not included. Bloom Period: Pothos N'Joy does not produce any flowers. Growth Habit: Pothos N'Joy is a vining plant. Individual vines can grow quite long but can be pruned anywhere along the stem to keep a compact shape. Cuttings are easily rooted in a container of water. All Epipremnum varieties can be toxic to dogs and cats if eaten. Lighting: Pothos N'Joy is adaptable to nearly any interior location that has enough light to cast a shadow. N'Joy will adapt and thrive in artificial light such as a office environments. In the home if Pothos N'Joy is placed in or near any light source you'll have great success growing the plant. The only location N'Joy doesn't like is long periods of hot full sun. Basic Care: Pothos N'Joy is about the easiest plant there is to grow. If you have a "Black Thumb" you can grow a Pothos N'Joy! Check your new plant for water twice a week until you become familiar with its needs. When the soil has dried to the touch 1/4" down on 4" pots or 1/2" down on 6" pots it's time to water. Water all the way around the pot and remove any standing water from the drip tray. Pest: Indoors Pothos N'Joy usually does not have any insect problems. Aphids can infect new growth. Availability: We have 4" and 6" pots of Pothos N'Joy in stock year round. New:E. aureum is an evergreen vine growing to 20 m tall, climbing by means of aerial roots which adhere to surfaces. It is a popular houseplant.The leaves are heart-shaped and the flowers are produced in a spathe up to 23 cm long. This plant produces trailing stems which take root when they reach the ground. Original:Copied from: http://www.houseplantsource.com/products-page/indoor/plant29