Asplenium Antiquum Crissie - Birds Nest Fern Crissie - 6” Pot

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Bird’s nest fern ‘Crissie’ (Asplenium antiquum ‘Crissie’), also known as Crissie fern, grow from a single rosette at the center of the plant giving them their characteristic birds nest look. There are a few other plants the bird’s nest family and Crissie ferns distinguish themselves with long ribbon like leave that fork at the end. This jade-green beauty can grow to be 3- 4 feet wide if carefully tended. The Crissie fern is another good fern for mounting with its epiphytic nature but does well in pots as well.


  • Crissie ferns are found growing in trees in very humid tropical environments surrounded by rich organic material and shaded by dense canopies. Their soil should be well draining and moisture retaining with a mix of organic matter.
  • Ensure that you water regularly, keep the soil moist but not wet. During the growing season include a diluted liquid fertilizer in your watering schedule.
  • When looking for the ideal spot in your home make sure any light is filtered and not direct. Direct sunlight can cause scorching and yellowing leaves. They are tolerant of low-light conditions but thrive in brighter lighting.
  • These ferns enjoy humidity but are more forgiving than most ferns making them easier to care for. Try to avoid heating and cooling vents they can dry out ferns resulting in dry, crispy leaf tips.
  • Crissie ferns are not toxic for cats, dogs, or humans

Product Description

  • Grown in a 6” pot, but ships bare root.
  • Heat packs are available for purchase.
  • The plant in the picture is not the exact plant you will receive.
  • Each plant is lovingly packaged for shipment.