Asplenium Antiquum Victoria - Birds Nest Fern Victoria - 6” Pot

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Birds nest fern ‘Victoria’ (Asplenium antiquum ‘Victoria’) belongs to the bird’s nest fern family. Each leaf unfurls in a circular pattern from a central point forming a rosette. This growth habit gives them their characteristic bird’s nest look. The fronds are bright-green with a ruffled texture that adds interest to any grouping. The crown shaped plant can reach 2-3 feet in height, this upright growth makes them the perfect fern for showing off your favorite pot.


  • The bird’s nest fern is another great epiphytic fern, but they aren’t as difficult to grow as some of their other family members. Provide a well-draining potting soil that retains moisture.
  • Ensure that you water regularly, keep the soil moist but not wet. During the growing season include a diluted liquid fertilizer in your watering schedule.
  • When looking for the ideal spot in your home make sure any light is filtered and not direct. Direct sunlight can cause scorching and yellowing leaves. They can handle low-light but thrive best in brighter light.
  • Rooms higher in humidity are still the best option for bird’s nest ferns. They are more forgiving than other fern species when it comes to humidity which makes them easier to care for than many other ferns.
  • Bird’s nest ferns are not toxic for cats, dogs, or humans

Product Description

  • Grown in a 6” pot, but ships bare root.
  • Heat packs are available for purchase.
  • The plant in the picture is not the exact plant you will receive.
  • Each plant is lovingly packaged for shipment.