4" Fiddle Leaf Fig Ficus

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The Fiddle-Leaf Fig is known for its broad violin-shaped foliage and is one of the top selections for live home decor on the market. Let this plant bring you joy while watching it grow and shape into one of your favorite home accents.

Scientific Name: Ficus Lyrata

Pot Size: 4” Nursery Pot


Thrives in bright indirect light. Direct sunlight may cause the leaves to burn. 

A North or East facing window with good exposure is ideal, however, a South or West window with filtered light will also suffice.


Consistent watering, allowing the majority of the soil to dry out between waterings. Increase watering frequency with increased light. Pair your Fiddle-Leaf with a humidifier for optimal green foliage or spritz with a spray bottle.


A well draining soil. Add part perlite or bark to improve the drainage in most potting mixes.

Fertilizer/Growth Rate:

Fertilize once a month with a liquid fertilizer during active growth and omit the fertilizer while dormant in the colder months.

Grown indoors, the Fiddle-Leaf Fig may reach ceiling heights --  however, is generally slow in growth.


Trim or remove browning leaves to conserve energy for the remainder of the plant. Other pruning is not necessary unless to reduce height, or alter it’s growth habit. For example -- by making a top cutting, pinching, or notching its trunk, this will encourage the tree to branch with new growth.

White specks on the foliage are waxy, glandular spots that are characteristics of the ficus species.

*Please note that the image above is a representation of the plant that you will receive. However plant size, shape, and foliage will vary.