Maranta Leuconeura Red - Prayer Plant - 6" Pot

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Maranta leuconeura gets its common name, prayer plant, from the way the leaves fold up in prayer at night. This movement, a characteristic of many plants, is known as nyctinastic movement. These active leaves have a distinctive red veining on a dark green background, with pale green highlighting down the center.  Prayer plant grows in a low, trailing manner but remains relatively compact and looks great in hanging baskets.

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Care tips

  • Does well in low to medium, indirect light
  • Not toxic for cats, dogs, or humans
  • Maintain a moist soil only allowing the top 1-2” to dry out
  • Prefers above average humidity

Product description

  • Plant is about 10-12” tall
  • Grown in a 4” pot but ships bare root
  • Heat packs available for purchase
  • The plant in the picture is not the exact plant you will receive