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Peperomia Thailand

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Revel in the beauty of this super charming and distinctive plant ‚Äö?Ñ??Peperomia Thailand‚Äö?Ñ?¥ with round leaves in deep jade color with a durable and short stem. He has over 1000 species but Peperomia Thailand has its own uniqueness that could do a magic to your shelves, tables tops or racks by making them look attractive.¬¨‚Ć Also known by the name of Radiator Plant, he is an excellent air purifier and can store water in its leaves just like a succulent plant so can be a best choice as a bedroom plant. Increase your plant collection with this tropical native by bringing it home!

Pet Safe: Yes

Skill Level: I am great for beginners


He grows well when kept near an east or west-facing window throwing indirect bright sunlight on him. The best part is that he can also grow under fluorescent lights. When the light is not enough for him, his growth becomes slower as he is already a slow growing plant. His leaves will be burned if you keep him under direct bright sunlight.


Before entertaining his thirst with water, let the top 50% of the soil dry completely. Too much watering causes the root rot and is one of the major problems associated with him. The best strategy is to water them from the bottom side as it will keep the leaves dry and won‚Äö?Ñ?¥t let any root diseases come.¬¨‚Ć


He just loves to keep himself comfortable when the temperature ranges from 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit. Within this temperature he nourishes extremely well.¬¨‚Ć


Because of their origin from tropical cloud forests where humidity levels are usually over 90%, he finds his joy in areas where you keep the humidity within the range of 40-50% like terrariums. As he doesn‚Äö?Ñ?¥t have many roots, he grows really well in small containers.¬¨‚Ć


His siblings can be produced via stem, leaf or tip cutting at home. By propagating it with a stem, you have to cut a stem from the parent plant with enough length to keep him sitting in water. Take that cutting and add it to the vase or vessel filled with water and wait for the magic to happen.¬¨‚Ć


He prospers well and stays vigorous if you give him a high-quality houseplant 20-20-20 fertilizer frequently having equal amounts of iron, potassium and nitrogen. But you have to use a diluted fertilizer to half strength and water with fertilizer every two weeks during the summer and spring season. In winter and fall season, apply the fertilizer once a month.¬¨‚Ć

Fun Fact

The most interesting characteristic of peperomias is the variation of looks in him. Different species of him have quite different leaves. The watermelon peperomia‚Äö?Ñ?¥s leaves look just like a watermelon skin. Isn‚Äö?Ñ?¥t it amazing!

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Where do my plants ship from?

Our plants are procured from our plant nursery in beautiful Southern California and supplied by area, small business, tropical plant growers. We proudly shipp in a custom plant box that will ensure a healthy delivered plant. 

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Our nursery has partnered with Fedex and USPS to deliver plants across North America. We're so confident in our partnerships that we guarantee that the plant will get to your in tip top shape. 

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Most definitely we ship year around, despite your local weather conditions. However, we recommend at least one  Heat Pack per 3 houseplants.

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Should I repot my plant once it arrives?

When you receive your plant, it has been growing in it nursery pot for some time.  It is recommended that your repot your plant so that you have the opportunity to inspect the roots. This is a great opportunity to use a cache pot to match your home decor theme.  We offer a variety of cashe pots for sale. 

When repotting it is suggested to repot in the same size as the nursery pot but if your roots are extensive and full you can "pot up" your plant to a size larger which usually means adding an inch to either side of the plant. Be careful while watering them so they don’t hold too much water or their dirt gets too wet.

We you use Noot Rescue Mix, as a recommended soil for indoor houseplants or use a standard potting mix but be more careful about watering instru

When is the time to "pot up" or transfer my plant into a larger pot?

The answer to this is when your water is draining out of the pot completely and never really gets your soil moistened.  It is then that there are likely more roots more soil. Repotting is usually done once in a year or so. 

Make sure to never "pot up" more than an inch on each side and immediately after potting, lightly water your plant.

Why does my plant look different then the website?

Important The first lifestyle photo is for purposes of showing your plants potential size at maturity and is not a true representation of what you will receive.

Live plants will have variations in color, texture, finish, and size. While we make every effort to display our plants as accurately as possible, there may be subtle differences from what is displayed online.

My plant has arrived damaged, what should I do?

If you have purchased the HAPPY PLANT Shipping Insurance please
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It is always my object to #spreadplantjoy. If you have not purchased the HAPPY PLANT Shipping Insurance and your plant shows irreversible damaged due to shipping carrier mishandling a replacement or credit will be available but with a 25% plant replacement charge plus shipping.